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Peacock Spider With Lightsabers (TEST FOOTAGE)

Spiders are the smaller version of giant spiders but although they seem scary they are really no threat to you they are more afraid of you than you are them (unless you are specifically afraid of spiders in which case you might be the more afraid one unless that particular spider has a specific phobia of humans which when you think of it would be way more justified)


Skydiving spider

Although some spiders are full of deadly poison most of them are not enough to actually harm a human more than an annoying itch if they even bite and they would prefer not to bite a giant which is why Spider-Man makes no sense

Spiders are helpful and eat the other bugs and critters that infest your home and aren't shy about promoting their friends even when they aren't that great at promoting themselves They may be odd tricksters but they are also wise and often trying to teach lessons

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