"You must hide in that place you can't see, it is how you do the stealht" - stealth operationer

Skyrim Sneak Logic

Skyrim Sneak Logic

Stealth is an ability and skill of people who do stealth. You can hide in a stelath stance and be not see. It is how to stelth. Put in a box or go to the shade, go in a stalth.

histroy Edit

long tim ago teh sealth was have, or was it????? we dont no, that is how the stalth is. serous, that is steltha and for angent times it was use by NINAJS. wow

Modem Times Edit

Many famos peepole use the steth to hide from a bad guays. snolid Snak can it and so does ATHNONY stARfiGHTer@

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