Super Giant (スーパージャイアンツ, Sūpā Jaiantsu, literally translated as "Super Giants") is a Japanese superhero also featured in a successful series of serial-like tokusatsu short feature films produced between 1957 and 1959 by Shintoho (the non-union branch of Toho). He is also known in Japan as Giant of Steel (鋼鉄の巨人, Kōtetsu no Kyojin), is known in America as Starman, and known in France and Italy as Spaceman.

Super Giant is a human-like being created from the strongest steel by the Peace Council of the Emerald Planet. He is created to destroy evil and restore peace in the universe. Resembling a Japanese man in white tights/cowl (fitted with an antenna) and capes under his arms, he is virtually indestructible. He wears on his wrist a "Globe-Meter" device, which enables him to:

  • Fly through space
  • Detect radiation
  • Speak and understand any language

He can also use it to disguise himself as an Earthling to walk among them. When sent to Earth to fight evildoers, he disguises himself as a Japanese man wearing an ordinary suit and fedora hat (looking almost like a police detective), but still uses his "Super Giant" name. His secret identity is not that secret, as he works with the Japanese authorities to help them fight evildoers. He is just as powerful in his civilian form. He also gets along with Earth children, and saves them from danger, as he knows that children represent the Earth's future. After accomplishing his mission, Super Giant always flies back to the Emerald Planet.

Super Giant first appears on Earth to stop foreign terrorists who threaten to destroy Japan (and the rest of the world) with an atomic bomb. Super Giant continues his battle against the foreign terrorists. In return, they frame him for murder. 

The reptile-like Kapia-Seijin prepare to conquer the Earth, and Super Giant must stop them. Super Giant continues his battle against the Kapia-Seijin, who not only send a mysterious witch after a group of children, but summon their almighty leader to alter Earth's rotation.

Super Giant pursues a Nazi-like army that operates on a huge satellite in space. The satellite is armed with weapons that could destroy whole cities on Earth from afar. Although he was believed to be destroyed by the Nazi-like army, Super Giant breaks into the satellite, and a long, riotous battle ensues. 

Super Giant battles a marauding brain-like alien creature created by a mad scientist and an alien army.

Super Giant copes with a mad scientist (disfigured in World War II) who uses science and sorcery to turn his deceased daughter into an evil witch that murders women.

Super Giant fights against a terrorist army (who wear costumes that look similar to the aliens' costumes in The Space Mutant Appears) which plots to assassinate its nation's peaceful crown prince for his treasure.

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