Once ago there wasn an person who made an army to figh tht e good guys. His name was General Marineguy. He used to be good but the government didn't pay him and he was maed. So he took the other guys in teh arm y who still respected him and made a different army. This army was called The Badass Army. and they did a lot of damage.

This was not on earth, but another planet.

Eventually they damaged so many people that they went to another planet and another planet and they had a lot of planets. But surprise! There was an anoher planet that had an even better army and defeated the badass Army, but wait there's more!

To make up for their loss the Badass Army built a super fortress on their home planet. This wasn't enough to stop the better army, so they built a bigger fortress of that fortress. They kept doing this until the WHOLE PLANET was covered in fortress. Then they built a fortress on top of the planet fortress. Eventually they needed more stuff so they pulled another planet over to their home planet and built a giant fortress on that one and then they turned the two planets into 1 bigger planet that was a big fortress.

Eventually they had like a thousand planets strong together and a big fortress. They called this the super planet and it drifted through space as the most powerful planet fortress ever made.

Eventually in their long war with the better army they all died and their ghosts haunted the fortress planet. To this day people say there is a rumor that General Marineguy still lives in the center of the fortress planet. But you'll never find him because you have to walk across the width of a thousand planets to find him.

The Revengerists found the Super Planet one day when Space Man was on one of his space strolls. The Revengerists entered the super planet's megaton gravity pull and spent 300 years wandering around the megastructure.

That's 300 years in unnormal time in a different dimention, whihch is about 2 minutes in normal time in the normal dimension.

The Revengerists battled the remnants of the Badass Army and Even found General Marineguy. General Marineguy battled them for decades and eventually died of a heart attack.

It turned out that he was a ROBOT!

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