There were some changes to the way lore is presented in the game "Warmachine: Tactics", a turn-based strategy game based on the award winning tabletop game "Warmachine." Here are some stories to adjust to this new lore change.

A Fight to the Death Edit

Coleman Stryker took in his surroundings on the blood-drenched, smokey battlefield. Cygnar's armies were clashing with the Khadorans over hills and fields, he could see piles of crumpled warjacks nearby. His warcaster sense told him that the enemy commander was nearby. Clumps of dirt flew into the air following the explosion of a bombard shell, obscuring the site of Kommander Sorscha's battlegroup. When the dust cleared the two enemies squared off.

"Think you can handle this?" Stryker remarked to mercenary Gorman, the merc with a smirk.

The creepy smile barely showed through the thick fog of Gorman's gas mask, "You'll get your money's worth."

Sorscha signaled with a point of her ice scythe for her elite squad of Man-O-War Kovniks, a winterguard, and Gorman to charge. Stryker answered this charge with his own and soon his personal guard of some trenchers, gun mages, stormblades, stormguards, a stormcaller, a lancer, and Gorman followed suit. Steel clashed upon steel, deafening those unfortunate enough to be near the fight. One kovnik cleaved through trenchers, while another was blinded by Gorman's grenade. The two gunmages tried to keep the kovniks staggered with thunderbolts and the Lancer channeling Stryker's magical attacks through its arc node. The stormblades pressed their assault, but were interrupted by blinding oil from Gorman's grenade.

"Ve are bloinde, Kommander" said one of the blinded Kovniks, trying to wipe Gorman's oil off of his helmet.

"I can't do anytheing forre eit" Sorscha replied, unable to use her magic powers to remove the oil. Just then the lancer skewered Gorman upon its spear. "Oh no! My mercenary!"

Stryker noticed this and ordered "The time is now! Get in there and disable her!" Gorman advanced and threw a blind grenade at the enemy squad, blinding them some more. Then the stormblades recovered from their temporary disability and wreaked havoc among the kovniks, rending their armor and reducing their lives to nothing.

Sorscha was at a loss, she was losing troops fast "All or notheing, now. No houlldeng back." From her body came a ray of magic power and every enemy around her was frozen. "Eet is time to die, my enemy." But as she ran in she noticed Stryker was ready for her and not frozen.

"You have Gorman to thank for getting in the way at the last second. Now you're mine!" And the two clashed in a brutal melee.

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