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Terry Crews is a muscle-bound madman from the Land of Giants who has successfully navigated his way to the top eschelon of at least TWO highly-competitive career fields. First gaining fame and fortune in the NFL, he later became a critically-acclaimed actor -- in Comedy, no less, the smartest and most difficult kind of performance.

His powers include Super-Strength, Durability, Super-Agility, Heightened (Peak) Human Prowess and Creative Abilities.

He got a scholarship straight out of high school, but not for sports. FOR ART, fools. He got an art scholaship to attend a school for the arts. That's right, he does it all. He has five children with his wife, who is a former beauty queen, because why the hell not.


Terry Crews - Old Spice All Commercials

If you are jealous of his life, of fucking course you are, because how the fuck could you ever hope to live a life that awesome?