It is hard to say when all this actually occured, as the team was actually traveling to the 1880's at the time(?) to do battle in Commodore Bob's war-dirigible from the future. Further complicating things, around this time there was a writer's strike, following theGreat Comics Purge of 1980, in which Frank Zappa and Axel Foley were unable to prevent censorship and burnings by parents and right-wing religious zealouts with all the power. 

Parents were heard to hoot and holler in the light of the flickering flames against the cold nighttime dark, "Eh, you go in here now. I could do with out this."

This caused a timequake in theOmniverse, which rippled through every Awesome in existence, completely rewriting many backstories and destroying some outright, or worse yet, reverting them to an unnatural 'Norm' state. The main Revengerists that we know and love today were safely kept as copies of themselves trapped in 1880-1884, preventing the election of Winfield Scott Hancock. Several characters are cut from the Roster with no explanation including Jugglor,Judith "Judy" Winslow, and The Mexican Scientist (who would return years later as a clone with no memory -ed.) while some new faces are added such as Fagot Cougar and The Mammoth Mountain Fucker. In addition, all origins and continuities of the surviving characters were entirely rewritten and retconned int hat order in a series of increasingly ridiculously unbelievable events of the Penultimate Exigency, a tri-annual giant-size crossover flagship banner series, of which all copies have been looted and burned and mana-burned. Stories prior to this are Pre-Exigency, stories after are referred to as Post-Exigency, but only by people who thing they are better than you because they work in comic book stores.

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