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The Internet


The Internetwork is a vast network of millions of idiots. Together the idiots create endless shitty ideas. The Internet is a series of tubes used to transfer pornography and photos of cats all over the world. A true renaissance of shit. or a massive multinational database of naked butts/ Also known as The Hivemind, The World Wide Web, and The Intertubes, made using Mike Rowe Soft. It has transfromed human communications to the pinncale of evolution. This was made public by Al Gore in 1995. It came along just in time as humans were having trouble finding enough storage for their jiffs. Unfortunately it also is a place for cyber terrorists like Rick Astley. If you printed out the entire internet, it would fill over two=thousand pages!

The Internet is the most powerful character in the Revengerists universe.

For more information, please read this handy Guide to the Internet

being on a website for more than one minute is dangerous to your health


The Internet- A Warning From History

you can learn more about the Revengerists internet usage and environmentl impact study at double-you-double-you-double-you-dot-revengerists-dot-com


History of the Internet

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Sharks are a natural predator of the internet.

the most common passwords are 1234 and password

there are rehabs for internet addiction, which also impacts your brain and memories turned into links, with the same addictive effect in the brain as drugs or alcohol at least 6% of people are internet addicts


Series of Tubes Music Video


The internet is not a big truck.



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The Web Is Not The Net

Internet Arguments[]


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