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The Joker is a lunatic who believes a lot of delusional things the most of which is that he is funny which he is definitely not don't @ me

There is nothing even remotely amusing about this incredibly hackneyed and predictable old stale material

Oh, you hit batman with something, then he punch you, okay Judy whatever

Joker laughs with the confidence of someone with Power Madness, but also has no actual powers besides Madness and Not Giving a Single Shit

That's right you read that correctly he laughs at his own jokes and makes his girlfriend laugh at them too

Joke is not a hero, nor is he a role model

He's just a dumb bad joke, ugly inside and out, with no real friends other than those he MAKES his friends and that does NOT count

Oh noes you poisoned the fish fuck I guess I won't eat fish

oh no you murdered some random person well I guess it's all just random and none of it matters so neither do you you don't matter all thanks for admitting you don't matter, Loser

some humans are out there trying to fight heart disease or cancer or nazis but this is how you choose to spend your time, why didn't you just stick to listening to ICP this is just cringey