The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is the most horrifying fiend mankind has ever known.

Location: Cadavra Cave. Past Dead Man's Curve, you'll come to an old fence, called The Devil's Fence. From there, go on foot till you come to a valley known as The Cathedral Of Lost Soap. Smack in the center is what they call Forgetful Milkman's Quadrangle. Stay right on The Path Of Staring Skulls and you come to a place called Death Clearing. Cabin's right there, can't miss it.

Known powers: mind control/hypnotism, immortality, death grip, power beyond mortal comprehension.

Likes: Brides, Atmospherium, evil, world domination, sleep, making people dance.

Hates: Giggling, do-gooders, mutants, Dr. Paul Fleming (as do all skeletons)

The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra (2001) Trailer

The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra (2001) Trailer

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