At one point in the Revengereists timeline 4 of the them the friends were in a gropu of friends and one of theirn friends disappeared and the 4 were sad so they started to solve the Mystery.

During the Mystery a mysterouis figure who called itself -F texted them a bunch of times and was leading them on in their mysteriys and the 4 Revenger Friends had to solve who it was.

Odd Jog was about to piece together a really big puzzle to solve the Mystery of who -F was and who killeed their friend when CyBear saw some guy outside the hosue texting them and he performe d Cybear WHIURLWIND ATTACK WITHE THE BEAR CLANW and revealed that it was Mystery Slacker a n enemy of the Revengerists who spent a lot of time setting up mysterious mysteries.

Dr Tasty decided that if they had not caught Mystery Slacker outside of the hyouse they would have spent close to 2 years enduring endless mysteries and drama and 16 year old girls kissing english teachers and really hot girls not having sex with anyone. He was glad they were able to cut off the Mystery before it got too mysterious and congratulated Odd Jog on his insande ability to mystries even if it didn't mean anything.

Aftermath of the MysteryEdit

The 4 friends parted ways and resumed their daytime jobs killing badguys all the time. But the Mystery still continues because Mystery Slacker wasn't actually the killer. It was his brother who spent all the time in a hospitacl because of health things who looked just like him, and his brother was actually the killer who put the real Mystery SLacker in the hospital and took his place and it was the real Mystery Slacker who killed the fake Myster Slacker and was pestering the 4 Revengerists friends and killed their firend. And the currently alive Mystery Slacker is still anonymous and out there going to school or something so there is still a Mystery to solve.

Effects of the MysteryEdit

Since the Mystery is still ongoing the Revengerists occasionally stop by to try and solve it. Real fake Mystery Slacker continues to give anonymous tips and bad things to the 4 friends and somehow openeded a door dimension rip to the Omniverse causing a Mystery Dimension to exist. In this dimension it causes everything to be a Mystery and it is all very mysterious and people have to solve at least 1 mystery before they can leave. So this is called INTO THE MYSTERY and it is a continuing series in the comcis.

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