The Unstoppable Sky Daddies are a Council of Awesomes and a pantheon of Cosmic Beings that not only run the Gawd Lodge , but are also the self-proclaimed arbiters of all things Awesome. To be considered by them is a great honor, to be invited to their parties is a mark of a true warrior, and to behold them before you is madness. Their legendary halls are the party pad of many a victorious and bad-ass hero, and their party dip is impressive beyond description.

The Sky Daddies are all immortal, but have a rotating membership due to other committments. To be alive for the changing of a Sky Daddy is a rare event indeed, not only because it only happens once every few billion years, but also because it usually kills 90% of all life in the universe. This is the current list of Sky Daddies (please note that they do not have to be male, this is just the paternalistic title handed down from previous incarnations of this Universe before the Big Bang)

  • Jim Vivas
  • Zoopiter (ridiculous amalgam of Zeus and Jupiter, twice as deadly)
  • Techuan Prime
  • Svarog, Lord of Derp
  • Nuda
  • Manitu

The Revengerists have been invited to their mighty Den Sanctorum, but only because of a made-up prophecy the Sky Daddies were using to manipulate the team of do-gooders into good-doing some minor task for them, namely, the destruction of xXxorxXxorxXx .

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