The Vengeance Villains were the consortium of the perpetrators of crime and evil. They were formed when they all realized that their individual evil attempts to destroy the Revengerists had failed, and thus they must overcome their distaste for one another and work together to crush their common foe.

They were seen many times in various alterations, but most commonly their evil cabal was

The Macster Mind, Ravana, the Chicken Cow, Ze Black Waffle, Righteous Oxide, Mayor Rudy Giuiliuiliani, Orville Reddenbacher, Sonny Veil, and She-Woman, with other occasionl members/allies such as Bludgeon, the Dark Fedora, and Matthew Lesko.

The original powerhousing team of evil mastermindery was broken when, playing upon the inherent distrust of evil, the Revengerist quick-thinking QuikDri was able to make Ze Black Waffle suspicious of Orville Reddenbacher, who actually was coincidentally conspiring to undermine the group, betraying Waffle specifically, thus giving him ultimate power.

For a time the evil cabal was reconstituted of the most evil minds, including the dark Elder God (juvenile form) Chu'uck VonderHa'ar, manipulating the strings leading to the boredom and disbanding of the Revengerists (Consortium of Stuff) and their replacement with evil superpowered imposters. Jim Vivas was fooled by the trickster god into thinking he was a mere mortal, and though still Awesome and kickass, only able in this state to exhibit it by pwning at video games in a mild-mannered illusion.

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