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Why Time is One of Humanity's Greatest Inventions

The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older

Time is one of many dimensions that many beings claim to experience, in particular, a 'passing' of time, which implies a total death of time. This is all illusion, as there is no time, all events are actually one and the same in the infinite reincarnation cycle of timely events. This cyclical odyssey of all matter and energy continues for all of eternity in an infinite bundle of parallel timelines, all existing in both one instant and all instants, erased by the end of time at the end of existence which was always the beginning for reference. If this seems like a time loop or some other form of Timefuckery, then just be thankful that you won't be around for it. Some refer to this final timequake as timewave zero, but that is a distinct concept more akin to a reality shift or instance of reality bending and not the annihilation of all that every was or potentially could be. The potential time energies generated by your infinite yet painfully mortal existence is itself the catalyst for the violently destructive and ultimately gently evaporating wars of reality for all beings which we are prophesied to lose yet again this time.