Training is how non-natural Awesomes can attempt to become Awesomes, and even how natch Awesomes keep their powers and skills honed. The Revengerists, for example, train for seventy hours a day in specialized spherical "Danger Rooms" miles beneath the Earth's surface, and in fact miles below their own subterranean base of operations.

Training can take as long as many days, weeks, months, years, episodes and even seasons, though this can be effectively reduced by training in a time-distorting hyperbaric chamber of some sort. Time can also be saved through the use of a montage.


One Punch Man states his training regime

Training can take place anywhere from the mountains of Tibet, space stations, the afterlife, far-away dimensions and planets, to Florida in the Spring.

Training works not because hard work and sacrifice will help you reach your goals, but simply because the mere act of training is in itself awesome, and will empower you with your own inner Awesomeness. Some people may train for their whole lives and still be fucking norms, or worse, tame-ass karate.

Dragon Ball Z Big Training

Dragon Ball Z Big Training

Some Awesomes, such as the supervillain Sylar, bypass training by merely stealing powers. Others have the innate ability to mimic the special abilities of others with some level of accuracy. Even still, some level of training is advised, as sudden new powers suddenly that they haven't had the proper life experience to attune to may result in Power Madness or even Full Power Consumption.

Training should not be attempted by amateurs or fucking norms ever, and should only be done with a spotter, the proper safety equipment, and some sick jams.

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

El Cocco's recommended Revengerists training playlist includes:

  • Eye of the Tiger
  • Flash Gordon Theme
  • You're The Best (Around)
  • Theme From Rocky
  • We Are The Champions
  • Final Countdown
  • Fight to Survive
  • We Fight For Love
  • Highway to the Danger Zone

South Side Santa's training music is just "How Many Nipples Do You Have" played at top volume over and over... but his entire exercise regimen is just flailing every part of his body around randomly.

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