Trueists are those fans of Revengerist comics lore that ONLY adhere to those surviving Revengerist issues that have been proven to have been part of the original publication, and NOT fan fiction or conspiracy theory ties to real life.

  • they do not seem to have a problem with the fact that Revengerist stories blatantly contradict themselves for no reason, nor with the fact that so many interspersed stories were lost that long periods of inactivity are unaccounted for in what they call, "the Canon" (capitalized).
  • they view any other adherents to any other Revengerist ideaology as 'foolish' and 'outside.' they will not even entertain hypothetical situation in conversation (ie. 'who would win..?'), jokes that use characters in a new context, play-acting or using action figures by children (and some adults), or personal sexual fantasies involving themselves and some of the hotter characters. General fans are viewed by them as subhuman , though Trueists are often seen as 'sticks-in-the-mud' who are missing out.
  • They are more likely than other fans to be fat, acne-incrusted collectors who are usually unemployed, or work in data entry, or in comic book retailers.
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