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Under ze sea, she iz a cru-el mistress. Life eez harsh, and ze darker she geets, ze harder survival comes for leetle feeshies and, how you say, phytoplank-ton

Ze crea-tairs zey are full of vibrant colourz, and zey have ze leetle lights upon zey headz, most are full of ze dangerous teeth and ze hongerr for ze blood.

Alwayz zees undersea animal, how zey dance and seeng. Ze lobstair, ze poofy feesh, ze manta ray, ze barrricuda, ze tastee tuna, ze sal-moh', ze jellee feesh, ze octopode, ze turtles (ze sea ones), ze water beatél, ze microbe, ze délicieux frog (part-time), ze ickee crab, ze clowny feesh, ze sardeeen, ze rainbow feesh, ze flying feesh (part-time), ze eels, ze deep sea diverrr, and all zees leetle amenemies.


Ze keeng of ze infeeneet inkee depths of ze ocean bleu eez ze mighty shark, magestique ruler over she feeshee subject. She eat whale, she eat gross water beatél, she even eat ze hommes. Eef ever come a day ween ze awesome beest make for land or sky, ze rest of ze belle planet Earth, she morte.

Only one magnifique animal she tres' deadlier zan ze dread of ze shark -- zis is ze crue-el-est monstair of ze deep, ze killer whale. She eez ze true monarch of ze endless deep, above her no otharr.


What's Hiding Deep Within The Ocean?

Zen zere eez ze whale shark, trulee ze gentlest of all Mother Naturre's watery denizens. Zo' only she make her meal of leetle plank-ton, al-gee, teenee-tinee microbe, and ze filthee water-beetle, if ever ze whale shark she learn a taste for ze blood of hommes, we would all of us face ze threat of extinction one billionz timez overz. For she is ze ruliest rulerr of ze unrulee sea.

Ze one and only ruler of all ocean, eez Prince Namor of Atlantees, ze lost and mysterious continent, so beau-ee-full, so deadlee.

Scary sea monster.gif

All of zees strange and sexy ocean feeshes, mermaid and water beetle, zey tremble before ze awful might of dread Cthulhuph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Ze undeesputed king of ze ocea'.

Zen, at ze deepest level of ze darkest trench, where even ze light she fear to reach, zere eez some sheet I don't even know about. Fuck zat noise. Hon hon hon.


Amazing Creatures of Galapagos Hydrothermal Vents - Nautilus Live

Note; for ze hommes, take special care not onlee to avoid be eat-en by ze dangerous monstairs of ze indecent bleu forever depth, but also remember when diving zat ze hommes, she can-not do ze breath underwater, or she die.


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Coral colors

Note; under ze sea, you will get ze wet. Even ze baguette, she so soggy!


Exploring Earth's deepest abyss