Ultimate Weapon

Weapon X is a clandestine government project conducted by the Canadian Government's Department K, which turns willing and unwilling beings into living weapons.


Metal BonesEdit

This porject was because they thought it would be rad as hell to give someone METAL BONES. Suprisingly most everyone who received this surgery died, because it turns out that the human body can't survive having ultra hot liquid metal being injected into it. One day they managed to make this work with a dude who had ultra-healing, offsetting the damaging factors of being crammed to the bone with hot metal. Seriously, why not just replace the dude's bones with premade metal ones instead of trying to cast them? 

Wapon XEdit

"What are we gonan do wioth all these wapon? Weaponx X. " - A Scientist

Not to be confused with Weapon X. Wapon X was a different project in Department K that was misfiled due to a typing error (or Typo) when filing the file. Wapon X was a robot that was going to be given human flesh implants and turned into a near human being cyborg thing. Instead of just receiving human flesh, they mistakenly bonded it with super metal and grafted it into the robot. The robot did not die because robots don't die when being injected with liquid metal. So he just had extra metal bones with some flesh on them. After realizing their failure, the robot was released into the wild where he made a peaceful escape and became a farmer. He was unsuccessful because he was a grotesque robot beast and scared all the animals. So he decided to become a contract killer as that was what he was programmed to do anyway. 

After several attempts at killing his target, Weapon X. The robot decided he was going to become just like him in order to become better at killing him, even though you can't kill a dude who heals really fast forever and also has unbreakable metal bones. When attempting this new train of thought he took on the name Wapon X, after making a typo when posting in a forum about Weapon X in Department K's blog and forums site.

Fuck Off AnimalsEdit

"Who would expect THAT? Not you, Motherfucker." - Dr Evilus


One of their least ambitious projects was undertaken by Dr Evilus, who just wanted to slack off. So he strapped various sharp objects to animnals, because "WHow ould expect THAT? Not you, motherfucker." These animals were relased into the nearby woods, where the local wildlife chocked on them because they are dumb animals that don't know when a rabbit has pencils glued to its head.

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