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Wolves is a lot of single-case instances of wolf that have been packed together. In other words; one wolf, two wolves. We know it's hard to wrap your head around. To confuse matters even more, if you are referring to all wolves, one must refer to the entire group of wolf animals as The Mighty Wolf.


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The Mighty Wolf is one of nature's most resourceful, primal, awesome and majestic creatures. It is from the genetic pool of The Mighty Wolf that early man made bastardized companions for their social activities, cooperative hunting, loyal tribal protection, and dress-up puppy parties. Puppies, however, are simply viewed as potential food by wolves, as is mankind. How these packs managed to collaborate over thousands of years, is a long and complicated story for another time.

Wolves are true to themselves. They are protectors and guards, pathfinders and guides. They can be divine auspices of the forest, or fearful omens. Watch these powerful beasts from afar, as close contact may bring illness or even death. Some wolves were once humans, and may or may not return to that state. A wolf is dedicated to its pack, and may even restore health or provide supernatural insight. Known for endurance, bravery, and tenacious strength, it is the social ability of teamwork that makes these predators the most deadly hunters. Wolves are definitely a type of animal that will most likely kill you in packs, but is also perfectly capable of killing you alone, and thus shares this distinction with sharks and velociraptors.


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"Alpha" Wolf?

Undead wolves are especially dogged. Warrior spirits often take the form of a wolf for their own mysterious purposes. Such infinite wolfspirits often commune with deities such as Jim Vivas, Viking God of Teh Roxors, who proclaims them bad-ass.

Different morphs of wolves have proliferated due to their genetic adaptability and magical malleability. Human civilization has encroached on nature, resulting in interbreeding of coyotes and wolves into the Coywolf, a massively deadly hunter with the diffident and scrappy coyote. The result is a thing of legend that is both unafraid of human society and ravenous for human flesh. Other humans have engaged in dubious magicks that transform them into Skinwalkers, ungodly monstrosities of both human and wolfflesh. If rabid, a wolf bite may infect a human with the Madness inducing rabies, whereas a wolf bite from any wolf will most definitely turn a human into a Werewolf.


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