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Species Dinosaur

Yoshi (Japanese: Yossy) is a dinosaur who appears on the Mushroom Planet . He has normally appeared as a Green Yoshi, but showed in many different colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, White/Gray, Black, Gold etc.


Yoshi is the little green dinosaur but is also mixed with other things like a frog with his tongue. Yoshi helps Mario on various quests, serving as transportation. Yoshi's are hatched from eggs. Yoshi has a long, sticky tongue, that he uses to eat certain enemies. Yoshi can eat almost anything. They are omnivorous, but seem to enjoy tropical fruits the most, Yoshi can only be awakened by feeding them those fruits. Their noses can detect fruit and other secrets buried underground. Yoshi also have teeth but they are rarely seen or even used. The few times they are seen are mostly on Yoshi's Island. Yoshi are really intelligent, being able to defend themselves as infants. Yoshi is known for his speed and his tongue capability. It's safe to assume that all Yoshi have the same abilities as the main Yoshi. As seen on Yoshi Island, where all Yoshi had the same abilities no matter what color they are.

Note: Yoshi can eat certain enemies to give him special abilities.

Yoshi's stats from mario and sonic at the olympic london games

Yoshi Colors[]

While the main Yoshi is green, they come in many colors, possibly every color of the rainbow. They also come in black and white, although rarely. The eggs are usually white with spots like, green, blue, red, yellow, and many more colors, almost always the same color as the Yoshi to lay them.

Yoshi colors


Yoshi had a rival in the form of a bad-tempered, sunglasses-wearing blue creature named Boshi. Yoshi was refurbished as a dinosaur who combats aliens by himself using the laser guns and bombs.


Yoshi has never been heard talking. The possible explanations for this are that he either has no voice or just simply makes random noises such as saying his name. There have been a few times where he actually has a speaking part. The Yoshi species has the ability to speak. Yoshi can actually talk in a squeaky voice.