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Ze Black Waffle circa 1995

Ze Black Waffle is a notorious, omnipresent, and ever-changing villain in the Revengerists Omnoverse. Little is known about him, other than he was once a Championship Bigfoot Racer and may or may not have anything to do with waffles. He is a master of self-subliminal hypnosis and the dark binaural arts.


First surphacing in a late early Fall of 1965. Issue #12-∞A[1] Revengerist's Sleepytime Adventures, on page 16, Ze Black Waffle is satnding in the shadows of the mens roon enterance as Jim Vivas, disguised as a innocent Ronkonkadonkeyitee maiden in a Greyhound Station in Faulkton, SD to slay the fearsome Seven Toothed Pigeonworm of Calcardiupus.

Ze Black Waffle was so powerful that he did not make another appearance until Octember 4th issue of 1976 as one of The Forgotten Three. Ze Black Waffle was the only one of the trio to survive Doctor Raygar's Sunstar Cannon blast by throwing a hunk of cheeze at Doctor Raygar, knocking him into the shot of his cannon blowing himself into smithereenies. Not witnessing his only victory, he fled into the sewers and befriended Man "O" Chit. During his stay in the sewers with Man "O" Chit and his cousin Mud Dog, learned to ancent art and wisdome of Fart fu.

Ze Black Waffle was known and capable of kidnapping entire groups of groups, good or villainous or villainous of villainous, to amuse him with a fight in some safely cordoned faraway land. His fascination with Awesomes led him to study and collect them, until he felt their kinship by realizing that he, too, is an Awesome. These Awesomes tried to uprise on him, so he had them killed.

He is capable of stealing powers, even his own.

As he solemnly and patiently learned the ancient mystical arts of the high solitary Tibetan mountains, he also firmly embedded himself in the jet-set globetrotting high-tech world of international espionage. This allowed him access to some of the world's best villain's guilds and black market resources. He is the most powerful villain in the Revengerist Omniverse, making him the most powerful overall. He has been the founding member of the greatest Villain team-ups of all time, THe Forgotten Three and the Vengeance Villains, and is behind some of the direst and most insidious conspiracies in the whole 'verse.

He is the one with the hat. You do not have the hat.

Evile DoodingsEdit

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